Monday, February 10, 2014

Thoughtful gifts for girls based on their personality

Guys if you are finding it hard to get a gift for your better half, I got you covered! Here's a gift guide for that special girl depending on her personality!

She's someone who will make her own jewellery (that's me!) get her own clothes stitched. A Craft Tool Kit would be the best gift for her if she doesn't have one! You can get one online, I found out that Apollo Tools offers a wide range of tool kits, all the tool kits comes with a durable carrying case for quick and easy access, check out the 135 Piece Household Tool Kit in Pink; it's just adorable!

If she's in to crafts, she would love a Polaroid Camera just like me. Polaroid cameras generates printed images as soon as you take the picture. Most Polaroid cameras available online are vintage, however I heard that Polaroid has come up with a new device called "The Socialmatic" which has a lot of cool features for the generation they would like to call "Instagram Generation!". Polaroid has confirmed that the Socialmatic will be out later this year, and it’ll retail for under $300. 


You might think it's easy to buy a gift for your extremely fashion conscious girl friend... but trust me it's not! Play safe by buying her something like this Clutch Bag from ASOS

If she's in to fashion blogging you could gift her the book, The Sartorialist Closer. Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist, one of the greatest fashion bloggers of our times is back with this book with a collection of beautiful images of fashionable men and women who have caught his attention. 


Is your girl friend a dreamer? I have the perfect gift idea! My friend Anna of Anna Marlena Art does "Higher-Self-Portraits and Fairy Tale Portraits" of people. I'm thoroughly impressed with the questions she asks from the clients before she undertakes an order.

- What are your characteristics? What are your dreams, passions, hobbies? 

- What are your favorite colors? 
- What are your favorite animals or what is your spirit animal? 
- What is your favorite fairy tale or movie character?
- What would you like to attract into your life? 

After finding out about you Anna will create a Higher-Self-Portrait of her that will remind her every day of how amazing she is! On her FB page she says that :Your wish is her command!" (because she is a fairy godmother who wants to make you happy! ;) 

Self portrait of her self by Anna

Something she did for one of her clients
If your wife is a full time mom you should gift her a gift certificate for a full body massage (and also play baby sitter for one day until she gets that done), it's a perfect gift that shows she deserves to be pampered. Try to find the best place to get one, ask friends/family for recommendations.

Picture courtesy-Pinterest
If you're girl friend is always on the go and she's loving it you might have to cope up with a travel freak all your life! Try gifting a colourful but durable travel bag to her which will help her a lot during her trips. Samsonite offers gorgeous travel bags and you can buy one from your local store or this seller.

Is she an expert at living the lounge life? Get her a Bean Bag chair, it's a thoughtful gift to show that you not only understand her lifestyle, but support it. Bean Bag chairs are widely available online. I'm stealing a picture from this seller so I guess I have to link them. Their chairs look pretty cool too.


If your shopping for a music lover you should get her a Bluetooth Speaker which will make her life easier to connect her phone or tab from anywhere. It has to be light and if possible colorful. Ultimate ears has this amazingly stylish and sleek 360 degree speaker I just found on Amazon.

If she is in to singing she would love a Vocal Effects Processor designed for singers, featuring some of the finest vocal-effects. All she got to do with it is plugging the mike in to the processor and connecting it to the recorder and viola! she's sure to take her singing talent to a new level. Check out this video to know what she could do with it exactly. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this,

Much love,
Mickey <3

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