Monday, August 19, 2013

Wood Pallets are FUN!

My husband is a design freak. He loves designing stuff. He does graphic design for a living but he has a good taste and can design anything else in style. Lately he has been crazy over wood pallets! he really wanted to make some furniture for the house with them. I was also thrilled with the idea, anyway we both didn't want to spend much on furniture so the idea seemed perfect. 

So he went all over the place and got some wood pallets done from a carpenter and bought some from a local supplier, polished them ourselves and painted them with white wood paint.

Wood pallets painted by us
Our first project was making this cute coffee table. Look it has wheels too! We use this table to eat and to sit around and play board games with friends. Check out the wine bottle DIY too. They look great and easy to make. 

Coffee table. We don't have chairs, so if you are coming home, please be ready to sit on the floor :)

Our second project was making a bed for us. Our new bought mattress was lying on the floor for two whole months until we got the wood pallets ready. This is how the bed looked when it's done. We bought some cushions to decorate it.

The final look

That's my gorgeous cat Marshmellow. He behaves like a prince and sometimes we wonder if we are living in his house!

The wall hanging was also designed by us. It goes really well with the arrangement somehow!

More wood pallet DIY projects are coming up! stay tuned.

Thank you so much for reading!

Much love!
Mickey <3