Monday, June 10, 2013

Mutual weirdness forever !

I couldn't be happier, I married my best friend in a simple garden wedding ceremony 2 weeks ago. The wedding went on very well except for the slight drizzle towards the end. The best thing about the wedding was the decorations we did all by ourselves with the help of our friends. We were pretty sure that we wanted to do our own deco so I prepared some beautiful flowers and made a lot of butterfly's with my friend Annas help. We also got several yards of fabric to create a theater like look to the front of the house. I'm hoping to write a detailed blog post along with the pictures of decorations alone. 

We love our wedding pictures too. We always knew we were going to do a different photo shoot and got the props ready much earlier. We wanted to do something fun and crazy. 

Thanks a lot for reading...
Much Love 
Mickey <3