Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Earring trends for 2013

Stud earrings made with quality materials are always in. At school, in college, in the office, on the go, and even at the gym, they are not only practical, but also charmingly beautiful. Just as last year, the trend could be expected to continue throughout the year. Key- always make sure they are made of quality materials 

Celebs wearing studs

Kate Middleton

Emily Blunt

Kate Hudson

Kim Kardishian

Statement Earrings
Statement jewellery has taken the fashion industry by storm. Statement earrings has become every girls latest obsession. They never fail to make a statement even if you wear them with plain jeans and a tshirt. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours. They just add all that jazz to any outfit, glam up any look in no time, and you don’t need to spend a fortune to get your hands on such a piece.

Some celebs wearing gorgeous statement earrings

Nicole Kidman

Taylor Swift

Megan Fox

Kim Cattral
Multiple Piercings  
Multiple piercings were huge during 90's and they are making a grand comeback this year. Combinations of two or three piercings and one or more piercing in the upper ear are the most common. We see men sporting multiple piercings too, for men, earrings in just one year is no longer a trend.
Some leading ladies wearing multiple earrings

Hilary Duff

Miley Cyrus

Alicia Keys

Kim Kardishian

Emma Watson

Low Key Drop Earrings
Small, delicate and to the point, the low-key drop earring complements even the heaviest outfits without overpowering it. Try wearing them with a heavily embellished dress, a saree or even at your own wedding to add class and elegance to the entire look. 

Some gorgeous celebrities wearing low key drop earrings 

Evan Rachelwood

Selene Gomez

Kate Middleton

Lucy Liu

Taylor Swift
The Ear Cuff
Ear cuffs too are making a comeback just like the multiple piercings. The style was big back in the late 90's. Ear cuffs too can be considered as statement earrings, they are often big in size and it's impossible not to notice them. I can guarantee you're going to want one as much as I do.

Miranda Kerr

Diane Cruger

Cara-Delevingne in Chanel Ear cuff


Sonam Kapoor
No earrings
Trends don't mean a thing to some girls, they prefer not wearing earrings at all. We see celebs walking the red carpet and everyday working girls keeping it simple by not wearing earrings. This definitely makes it a trend for the year 2013. 

Kristen Stewart

Emma Watson

Emma Watson
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  1. Studs are great for an everyday look but statement earrings are my pasion!

  2. Mine too :) hey please do check out my other posts and let me know what you think about my handmade jewels. Thanks for reading :) KIT

  3. nice post! i wear earring often, but sometimes no

  4. Thank you Diana! Nice stuff on your blog too :) TC