Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Old water colour drawings

In less than 2 months fiancé and I will be tying the knot; I can't be more excited. I'm on wedding planning mode at least until for next two months and my jewellery projects are temporary off (as well as my little DIY experiments). 

I used to draw a lot some time ago. It's one of those things I do when I'm stressed out. Most of the time I'm too lazy to look for a piece of paper, a pencil, paintbrushes or paint! I have to get back in to it. Thought of sharing some of my old water colour paintings with you.  

I've always wanted to see Venice. This is the picture I have in my eyes of the place. 

The Indian Bride always fascinates me, I wish I could get married wearing something like this. But unfortunately my fiancé is not a big fan of an Indian inspired wedding.

When I was single I always used to think that some people are not fortunate enough to find true love, but after I met the love of my life I found out that it's because those people are not looking for it or reaching for it  when it's within their reach. To signify this I drew this love tree.. it's out there, just grab it! 

When we both were in a long distance relationship for more than a year I did this painting to let him know how much I miss him :) 

 This is someone who has always been there, someone who never says 'I told you so!' when I do a silly mistake.


Zebra with ink 

My first canvas. I love owls :) I want to draw more and more of owls if time permits. 

Hope you guyz like it! Please leave you comments and please do share my blog entries. Thanks a bunch <3<3<3 Mickey


  1. Wao your wedding is indeed very soon, how exciting!! I am so happy for you! Oh, and all of your paintings are beautiful, you are seriously talented!

    1. wow you really checked out my blog :) I feel honoured. Thank you so much!