Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Old water colour drawings

In less than 2 months fiancé and I will be tying the knot; I can't be more excited. I'm on wedding planning mode at least until for next two months and my jewellery projects are temporary off (as well as my little DIY experiments). 

I used to draw a lot some time ago. It's one of those things I do when I'm stressed out. Most of the time I'm too lazy to look for a piece of paper, a pencil, paintbrushes or paint! I have to get back in to it. Thought of sharing some of my old water colour paintings with you.  

I've always wanted to see Venice. This is the picture I have in my eyes of the place. 

The Indian Bride always fascinates me, I wish I could get married wearing something like this. But unfortunately my fiancé is not a big fan of an Indian inspired wedding.

When I was single I always used to think that some people are not fortunate enough to find true love, but after I met the love of my life I found out that it's because those people are not looking for it or reaching for it  when it's within their reach. To signify this I drew this love tree.. it's out there, just grab it! 

When we both were in a long distance relationship for more than a year I did this painting to let him know how much I miss him :) 

 This is someone who has always been there, someone who never says 'I told you so!' when I do a silly mistake.


Zebra with ink 

My first canvas. I love owls :) I want to draw more and more of owls if time permits. 

Hope you guyz like it! Please leave you comments and please do share my blog entries. Thanks a bunch <3<3<3 Mickey

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tribal Chic Collection

Since the tribal/ boho look is huge this season I thought of coming up with a collection which goes with the trend. It was a lot of work!! but somehow I managed to do it and present it to you guyz... for the record, you could buy these pieces on my FB store Gypzy Girl By Mickey

Here's some tips on getting the tribal look this summer!! 

Tye-Dye anything! No limitations.

Shirts with peace signs
Long skirts or mini skirts with colorful leggings
Wear lots jingly bracelets
For the bohemian look, go for layers and accessorize. Scarves and colourful tees. Floaty peasant skirts are also a plus.
Scarves and bright clips in the hair. Coloured headbands.
Be environmentally friendly.
Recycle is the new black!
Buy organic products
Produce from your local market
Fair trade everything
Buy clothes from charity shops or mix n match. 
Consider being vegetarian or vegan. Its not for everyone but might be something to try.Groove. This is easy. Put on some music you love and groove away.
Make daisy and dandelion crowns.
Go for a walk. Barefoot. (optional) Wander and appreciate the natural world.
Make your own mobiles. Be creative. Use buttons, beads, ribbons, shells, old keys
- Take a Glitter Bath!

My gorgeous model Anna Flick is an Austrian who lives in Sri Lanka. The tribal/ boho look represents her personal style, she didn't put much effort to achieve this look. She looks every inch the hippie and a very very pretty one as you can see :). 

Thanks a lot for reading...
Much Love 
Mickey <3

Keep calm...

Do this everyday when you get out of your bed...

Girlish and elegant collection

My personal style is very girlish! I make sure I replicate in my jewellery pieces too. These are some of my very special creations that falls in to the category of Girlish and elegant collection. Most of them are made of beads and chains. Hope you all will like them. 

My model is a dear friend who lives here in our little paradise isle even though she's an Austrian is Elisabeth Strasser :). The girl is a yoga instructor and I must say a great listener and above all a sweet friend. 

Light and funky

Thought of playing a little bit with fabric :), these neck pieces are great because they are so light, you don't even feel like you're wearing them. As you can see I have put a lot of love and time in to these. And oh btw my  fiance too gave me a hand in designing these pieces.