Thursday, March 7, 2013

Confessions of a jewellery junkie!!

Confessions of a jewellery junkie!! I know the title is such a cliche. Thousands of people would've written articles on this particular subject but trust me there's no better title for this blog post.

I have felt love at first sight many times, with jewellery. My heart literally skips a beat, my palms get super sweaty when I come across delicate crystals, a sexy chain or a dazzling pearl. I just have to have it. And once the I get my hands on them I never look back. I start flying without wings. 

So my dearest girls this is the story of my own costume jewellery collection I treasure so much and I can't do without. 

Let me start with my earrings, as some of you all know I'm kind of allergic to metal, and when it comes to earrings I only wear clip ons. I don't have a piercing either. I bought all these gorgeous babies on line when I was working abroad. I can't emphasize how much they have helped me to make a real fashion statement!

 When I was taking these picz I noticed that I don't even get to wear all the necklaces I have. Sometimes I'm just lazy to pick one and wear in the morning when I go to work but I must admit that I just love having them, it's a lil' ego boost! 

These are my chains I usually wear them to work. Some of them are hand made by me. The purple bead chain is one of my absolute favourites. 

This is something I got from my grandmother (it's not gold). To date it's the most beautiful necklace I have ever worn. It's old, not heavy, the crystals or whatever embedded to it are still shining like diamonds and is drop dead gorgeous!!!  

This chain is one of my favourites too and I MUST take a little time to write about this cuff bracelet because it's no ordinary bracelet. It's something I wear regularly no matter what my dress code is. I have been wearing it for nearly 5 years and I'm still loving it. 

These are my other bracelets. I stick to my metal cuff most of the time and often forget to wear these ;) 

So what's your confession? Any other jewellery junkies like me out there? Please feel free to share your thoughts.

Hope you all enjoy reading my first blog post :) (first of many, hopefully)

Love and light 


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